How to Setup a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign With These Tips

As I mentioned in my previous article about utilizing all of your company’s digital assets, which goes over all the possible marketing channels your company can use. Email marketing is by far the most underrated and highly converting if setup properly. Properly is the keyword, that’s why I’m going to go over everything you need to know on setting up a successful email marketing campaign, and what should be done before clicking send.

Have a Clear Goal For Your Campaign

Here at RPM we’ve managed over hundreds of email campaigns and for the most part we have a clear goal outlined for every campaign. Whether it’s a one time info blast or an ongoing funnel, you have to plan it out fully. In this planning stage you can organize the amount of emails your campaign might need and include the right amount of follow ups. The follow ups differ per industry but you generally want to have at least one follow up per email sent. So when the person accidentally glosses over the first one, they’re more likely to see the second one.

Choosing The Right Email Auto Responder

Email autoresponders are a multi-billion dollar industry and picking the right one could be hard for beginners. There are multiple options to choose from, you have companies like Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, SendGrid, Mailshake, ActiveCampaign, Market Hero and etc. I can keep going for days. Which email responder is the right one to choose? We’ll I look at 3 main things, email deliverability, ease of use, and pricing. I would much rather pay more if I know that the email is guaranteed to be delivered. RPM mainly uses ActiveCampaign because in our experienced testing, it has the best integration with wordpress, it has the best deliverability rates, and it’s very easy to use compared to other email autoresponders we’ve used in the past. Email Tool Tester actually tested out all the major email autoresponder deliverability rates, you can see their findings here.

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The 70/30 Rule

There’s a 70/30 rule in sales but a similar theory can be applied in email marketing. When writing your emails, you should provide 70% value, and 30% selling. The majority of your emails need to be value packed and written with the intention that the person receiving the email can gain something from it. The best way to write these emails properly is to think like the person on the receiving end. When you write your emails in a value packed way, your future emails will be seen as value packed by the user which will increase your open rate. Second half of your emails should include some kind of call to action, which is the sales portion. If they got some value out of the first half of the email and they might want to take action and buy your product or service.

Avoiding The Spam and Promotion Filters

What’s the point of spending hours on constructing an elaborate email campaign if it’s going to end up in the spam inbox? Exactly! Taking preventative steps before hand is crucial, but at the same time staying out of the spam box relatively easy to do. There are free tools like Mail Tester that you can use to test your email content and email accounts. Your account may be listed in a spam directory. Avoiding the promotions box in gmail is another beast you need to conquer. You’ll need to re-stylize your emails, minimizing the amount of links, images and spammy type wording. Keap wrote a great article going in depth about avoiding the promotions box. On the techy side, you need to make sure you have a clean sending domain. Have a proper SPF, DKIM and DMARC record setup in your hosting, this will help email service providers know that your sending address is legitimate.

Segmenting Your Email List

There’s an old time saying where 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, which is very interesting when it comes down to marketing to that top 20%. This is where segmenting your list is important, sending out different emails to different types of customers in your list. Majority of email autoresponders on the market have tracking services included so you can easily segment the people in your list that spend the most money. This way you can hyper – target people that are more likely to buy again which makes them more likely to make bigger purchases. Segmenting your list is central when it comes to marketing towards your target audience, which in turn goes back to the first step; planning.

Clicking Send

Congrats you’re now ready to go and send out your emails. Just make some last minute grammatical checks. One last spam and promotions check. Now you should be all set to click schedule your email or click send.

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