5 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong With Facebook Ads

Five Things Your Facebook Ads Could Improve On

With over 30 billion dollars spent on social media marketing in 2018 it’s safe to say that at least 10% of that money was wasted due to un-optimized ads. Businesses can always benefit from learning new tactics on running their social media advertisements. Today we’ll help you get the most out of your ads, by showing you five things you’re probably doing wrong with Facebook and Instagram Ads.


1. Using The “Boost” Button

It’s very enticing to click that blue “Boost” button and hope that your post is going to pick up traction. In reality that’s just Facebook’s way of making easy money off of you. When you do push that “Boost” button, your ads are going to be shown to a wide array of people that might be interested in what you’re doing, but most likely will not convert. Don’t worry, there is a solution to this problem… introducing the Facebook Business Manager. This is where you can go more in depth with your ads. You can track visitors, create custom audiences, and get an actual return on your ad spend. We’ll be making a tutorial soon on how to create the perfect Facebook ad, so you’ll know how the best in the business do it.


2. Not Having The Facebook Pixel Installed On The Website or Landing Page

If you’re on the business backend of Facebook, you know that you’re getting your dollars worth on ad spend, but something is off. You probably don’t have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website. This hefty line of code tracks your product sales, lead submissions, and website visitors. It’s crucial when it comes to retargeting a customer base that has visited your website, but didn’t convert.

Getting the Pixel is a very easy fix, just go to the menu and click on Pixels.

This is where you create your pixel, and see data after it’s installed on your site.

Go ahead and add a url, and name your pixel.

Then follow the installation instructions and you’re all set!

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3. Using The Wrong Marketing Objective

Seeing this screen is the first step to creating a Facebook Ad campaign, and majority of the time people pick the wrong objective.

We just close our eyes, and click on a random button, hoping it’s the silver bullet. Choosing the right objective is vital to the performance of your campaign. For instance, if you want more likes and comments on a post you made, you would want to have the “Engagement” objective. Need more visitors to your website? Choose the “Traffic” objective. Lastly, need a lead submission on your landing page? Use the “Conversion” objective then pick out your pixel in the targeting. Targeting objectives like Engagement, Conversion, and Traffic are the best for small businesses starting their advertising.


4. Location Targeting Is Off

Location targeting is very important to local businesses, at most you would target people that live in a 15-25 mile range. This is where mistakes happen, when you’re setting up the location targeting, on the drop down right above the map, Facebook defaults the option to “Everyone In This Location.”

What you need to do is, change that to “People Who Live In This Location” so that your ads get delivered to residents, not passerby’s and travelers. This simple trick will help you narrow down your audience, lower your cost per conversion, and increase in the amount of leads your business gets.


5. No Call To Actions In Photo and Video Ads

Picture this, you’re browsing through Facebook, and you see a text post with a photo, what is the first thing you look at? Majority of the time it’s going to be the photo. This exact same thing happens to people that see your ads. A lot of the business that we come across are not adding in any call to action text to their photos or videos. Simply doing this will increase your conversion and click rate. It’s very easy to add text your photo ad by using Canva. Only thing you have to watch out for is having too much text in your photo, this might hinder your ads’ performance. Use this tool from Facebook to see if your photo has the right amount of text in it.


Bonus Tip: Use Emojis When You’re Making A Post

Just like having a call to action in your photos, emojis accomplish a similar task. Emojis are great for catching a person’s eye when surrounded by a lot of text. Including them in the beginning or middle of a text is a great way to make your posts stand out from the rest.

Hopefully after reading this, you’ll improve in running optimal ads in your industry, but if you need professionals to create and run the ads for you, go ahead and fill out the form below to get a free social media audit from us. We’ll create a plan of action that’s highly effective and right for your business!

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