Our Proven Method Will Help Your Site Gain a Larger Digital Audience

Chicago Search Engine Optimization

If you are a business in Chicago that is struggling to show up on search engines we can help. The staff at RPM Media digital marketing is experienced in website optimization techniques that will help your company have a stronger presence on the web and more visibility on search engines. Our Chicago SEO experts will evaluate your website and create a strategy to increase traffic to your website through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines. Creating the strategy to help your website rank is more than just handing you a list of keywords and wishing you the best of luck. Our team of professionals will implement the strategy and provide you with monthly reports to show you how we are getting your website the exposure it has never had before.

We Help Businesses Grow

Get Results

We send monthly reports with rankings and important news to make your business aware of any changes in the industry and helping secure your business online.

Dominate Google

By using our in house state of the art SEO tactics we dominate search engines, help businesses grow their customer base and expand to an audience they never had before.

Done In-House

We do net believe in black-hat tricks, cutting corners or outsourcing. That is why all the work that goes into your business is completed in house by our team of professionals.

Your Partner

We are not a faceless organization. You will have access to our personal phone numbers and emails to contact whenever you need to. Whether it be an update, question or a problem to resolve, we will be happy to hear from you


Why Do You Need SEO?

Off-Page Optimization

The only thing we focus on just as hard as your website are the things we can do off of your website. You see search engines like what other sources have to say about what you do. This is why we offer link building, social media, and local services as part of our complete plan.

Don’t trust the web presence of your business to amateurs. Contact our team of professionals today to find out how we can help.

SEO Audit and Analysis

Because we are Chicago Search Engine Optimization experts, we can provide a complete analysis of not only your current rankings but also your website strengths and weaknesses. Our thorough audit of your website also includes a strong review of your competitors. Our state of the art tools allow us to keep track of how you are ranking against competitors and provide you with the best way to dominate the search engines.


Continual Optimization

Business is always changing, and the content on your website is no different. We provide a complete white glove approach to make sure that your website is always following best practices to rank in popular search engines. This means that everything is done in-house and “black-hat” techniques that will make you lose your listings are avoided. The best part of our services is that we not only help you rank, we help you establish yourself as a trustworthy authority in your line of business.

Content optimization isn’t the only area of your website that we help to strengthen. How quickly your page loads is important to search engines, and it’s important to us. We work to make sure that the speed of your website is lightning quick, resulting in a better user experience and better Google results.


Proof of our Practices

You probably found our website by searching for words like Chicago SEO or even web design Chicago. These search terms have immense competition and therefore are very difficult to be listed for. This fact tells you that we know that we are search engine veterans that know how to rank. Our commitment to making sure your website gets the same exposure is unmatched.


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