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Social media is one of the most effective ways for businesses to generate new customers, grow an audience and build a brand. However, it can be a challenging marketing channel with all the different social media sites, complicated strategies and time consuming activities that are involved. Our Chicago social media marketing company understands the challenges that businesses have. We have the knowledge and experience to create winning campaigns. We’ve helped our clients see measurable results from their social media marketing campaigns and can do the same for you.

Our Campaign Process


With every major project there is a lot of planning, and this is no exception. We will talk with you and strategize what ideas will work and won’t work. We also help develop the right post or promotion we should post.


We design a completely custom Social Media strategy that we will follow for the coming months that we will be working with you. Your business has the final say in what we will be posting.


We will be testing your campaign and double checking that everything is setup the way it is supposed to before we launch your campaign. All that’s left is to periodically publish those posts.


We will send you monthly reports with all the data we have gathered throughout the month. We will also help make suggestions on what our next step should be with the strategy that we setup.


Why You Need Social Media Marketing

We Approach Every Client Differently

You can say we’re like a Chicago social media consultation firm in that we custom tailor our campaigns to your business. We understand that every business is different in terms of the brand, audience, market, opportunities and competition. That’s why we put a lot of time into research for your social media marketing campaign. We’ll work with you closely to come up with a strategy and plan that’s right for your business.

Once we agree on everything and have established a strong social marketing plan and strategy, we’ll launch the campaign and make sure that everything is set up correctly. We’ll constantly test your campaign and use the analytics data to make the necessary adjustments and improve your campaigns. And of course, we’ll send you all of the data on a regular basis to keep you updated.

How We Approach Social Media


RPM Media approaches social media from multiple fronts. We start by helping you build followers so that you have an audience to work with. This is followed by building a relationship with your audience through great content and proper engagement. Throughout this process, we help businesses run well crafted promotion campaigns to monetize their audience and establish a reliable revenue stream from social media.


Other social marketing companies focus solely on building followers and likes on your social media accounts. While this can work in the short term, it often falls off in the long run because it’s not focused on building the relationship. RPM Media focuses on helping you build a recognizable brand online. We are focused on helping you build a large number of loyal followers and customers which you can use to leverage the growth of your business.


We Know How to Integrate into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


We understand that most businesses see social media as a supplementary marketing channel. It can be awkward to try to make it work as a stand alone channel. RPM Media is also a SEO Chicago firm, so we know how to use social marketing to enhance your SEO results and vice versa. Our Chicago social media marketing team will also help you build campaigns that are integrated with your blog, email marketing, display advertising and content marketing. The goal is to use social media to enhance the results of your existing digital marketing strategy.




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