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Social media marketing statistics show us that 83 percent of female internet users and 75 percent of male internet users are on Facebook. Among teenage internet users, about 32 percent (nearly a third) report that they believe Instagram to be the most important social media network of all. Nearly 30 percent of all internet users who hold a college degree use Twitter a regular basis, and overall, over 80 percent of all millennials checkers workout at least once a day.

Even though there may be many different ways that many different kinds of companies can use social media for their personal success, there is no denying that social media simply has to be a part of your marketing repertoire if you want to have a chance at competing today. Though it may have once simply been a good idea to consider including social media into the ways that you get the word out about your brand, today, it is more of a necessity than simply an advisable course of action.

Our Campaign Process


With every major project there is a lot of planning, and this is no exception. We will talk with you and strategize what ideas will work and won’t work. We also help develop the right post or promotion we should post.


We design a completely custom Social Media strategy that we will follow for the coming months that we will be working with you. Your business has the final say in what we will be posting.


We will be testing your campaign and double checking that everything is setup the way it is supposed to before we launch your campaign. All that’s left is to periodically publish those posts.


We will send you monthly reports with all the data we have gathered throughout the month. We will also help make suggestions on what our next step should be with the strategy that we setup.


Why You Need Social Media Marketing

We Are Here to Help

At Gulfport SEO, our goal is to help you do more things correctly than incorrectly in the social media frontier of marketing. We want to help you avoid learning expensive lessons the hard way and cut right to the most effective methods that you can use for effective social media success. If you want to learn more about how Gulfport Social Media Marketing can take your conversions higher than before, feel free to get in contact for a consultation today.

We Are Proffessionals at Social Media Marketing

With Gulfport Social Media Marketing backing up your marketing campaign, you can guarantee that you have a more powerful way of reaching your target consumer than simply bombarding them with outright advertisements. Compared to the marketing world of yesteryear, the average consumer of any kind of product is more averse to outright advertisements than ever.

People have developed a deeply embedded sense of skepticism toward anything that appears to exist for the explicit purpose of driving sales, and whether that reason is due to pragmatism or just social conditioning through parodies of advertising and media, there is no denying the importance of adapting accordingly.

We Help You Reach Your Target Audience

No matter what kind of brand it is that you may be trying to build, you will always be able to most effectively reach your target consumer by working to provide them with value instead of just outright pushing your offers on them. Social media gives you a more effective way to provide genuine value to your customer than any other way in the world. Gulfport Social Media Marketing can get you started in establishing your brand as a helpful and welcome part of the daily lives instead of something that is only there to interrupt them like a commercial.
Statistics reported by MarketingSherpa show that 95 percent of online adults between the ages of 18 and 34 are most likely to follow a brand through social networking of some kind. If you want to be able to most effectively reach your target consumer, then it’s going to be a matter of knowing where they are and appearing there naturally; obviously, there are more and less effective ways to go about this. Gulfport Social Media Marketing can help you do things the more effective way instead of the time-wasting way.


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