How To Utilize All Of Your Company’s Digital Assets

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Here's How You Can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

With over 1.5 billion people actively using WhatsApp and 1.3 billion using Facebook Messenger according to Statista. It’s safe to say that in the modern day, people have different ways to communicate. Some use email, while others have a variety of apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Skype, the list goes on. With hundreds of apps on the App Store and Google Play Market. I personally keep my communication channels limited to call, text, email, skype, and slack for work purposes. Every person has a different outlet they use to communicate with friends and family, the same goes for your company. You have multiple ways to reach a potential customer. Whether it’s through ranking high in the search engines, showing up on youtube through google ads, or even doing Instagram Live. Essentially all of those outlets have one purpose: make your business money. In order to make the most amount of money, your company would need to be digitally omnipresent. Meaning your company can be found, accessed, and communicated by any combination of digital media. Today I want to show you how you can utilize the best digital channels to succeed in your industry.

Having A Proper Website

Every business needs a website, period. In 2019 a website is like basecamp, it’s where most if not all traffic leads to and converts on. It’s your company’s digital footprint that everyone always circles back to. Let’s say a prospect found your business through a Facebook ad, they look you up, and you don’t even have a website. How do you expect this prospect to buy from your company when they can’t even access the basic information about your business. It’s very painful to see businesses fail because of this one mistake.


In order to succeed in business and push forward in the coming years, you need to get a website created. If technology is not your thing you can always talk to the website experts and solve this problem immediately. If you do have a website make sure it’s updated, people are shopping with their eyes, so having a modern and visually appealing website helps increase conversions. Here are a couple of websites that were done right:

A Solid Social Media Presence

Just like a website, having social media accounts for your business is necessary to succeed in the coming years. Just like I mentioned before, people are shopping with their eyes. What they see on Instagram and Facebook could help push them towards liking a certain product or service. Social media is also a great way to communicate with your existing customer base. Whether you want to announce a company sale, or make personalized messages, you can easily do it by making a post or messaging through Instagram DMs and facebook messenger.  You can even retarget potential buyers that visited your website but didn’t convert or call through major social networks, this allows your business to be inside of your customers’ mind. Advertising through social media has never been so beneficial. It’s becoming easier to reach your target audience using tools like the Facebook Business Manager. If you want to know more about running FB ads, you can read this article on how to properly run Facebook Ads.

Need Help With Marketing Your Business?

Email Marketing The Right Way

While social media is the best way to engage with a younger audience and is more advertisement focused, email marketing is one of the more reliable ways to promote your brand. While many newcomers to the marketing industry believe email is old news, it’s actually underutilized by most brands and the best ways to interact with potential customers. All you have to do is setup an automated sales funnel, and an email capturing page (cough cough your website) then run it. Sprinkle in a couple email blasts here and there and now you have extra money coming to your business. For example, we setup a simple 7 email informational funnel for an e-commerce brand, and within the first 60 days we generated an extra $2k and $3k a month with around 1,000 contacts and all through email.

Search Engine Optimizing Your Website

Search engine optimization paired up with a highly converting and modern website is a match made in heaven. SEO is one of the best ways to get qualified leads online for the lowest price, even lower than Google Ads (yes it’s true). How does this work you might ask, you would need to make a few changes to your website, this will attract your website to search engine algorithms. Then eventually your website would rank for buyer intent keywords. So when people search up “a roofer in kansas city” your roofing website pops up, they click and call. Once you have decent traffic coming in, around 100 visitors a week, this is where all the other post visitor marketing services tie in, like email and retargeting ads.

At Last Google Ads

Google Ads is a great addition to any business, but should be one of the final touches to your marketing campaign. Although very useful, Google Ads tends to be really expensive search engine optimization. You can get a Facebook or SEO campaign for half of that money. The great benefit is that Google Ads helps your business get traffic from buyers that are ready to take action right away. There’s only one problem, the average person doesn’t really know how to optimize google ads. This is where you need to hire the right company to optimize your Google Ads for you, and just like social media you can follow your potential customers around the internet with display ads until they buy.


You can see how every single piece of marketing fits with each other. You have traffic sources like SEO, Social Media, and Google Ads, they all lead back to your website. If the customer didn’t purchase, you can retarget them with Social Media Ads, Google Ads, and interact with them through email marketing. That’s the way you become omnipresent

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