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The Faces Behind RPM Media

The Chicago Team

“Team Chicago” located in Downtown Chicago, RPM Media understands the world online is changing daily,  and being innovative takes serious focus. We help businesses push their identity, products, and campaigns out into competitive playing fields for the highest returns possible. Our Chicago branch has worked hard to help businesses who wish to climb the top of their market achieve success. We know a thing or two about branding and scaling your business. Let us help you take your business to the next level!


Nikita Vakhrushev


Director Of Chicago Branch

Nikita is a founding member of RPM Media and the director of “Team Chicago” located in Downtown Chicago. Prior to starting the agency Nikita was an associate at A&B Enterprises for several years where he worked his way up to Senior Account Manager.

He is a skilled and compassionate marketer. Taking pride in his talent and ability to help businesses of all sizes builds their lives. He passionately pursues success on behalf of his clients.

Having executed hundreds of complex marketing campaigns, Nikita is intimately familiar with the way the online marketing field works, and is able to build and present his client’s digital footprint  in a way that best accomplishes the most favorable returns. He has generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients all throughout the US.

Nikita is an active member of several marketing communities such as the Digital Marketing Association and LCT.

He has traveled to seminars and events all over the country and world to help educate businesses seeking to pave better futures online for themselves.


Terry Miller

Account Manager

Serving as an account manager  During the course of his marketing career, Terry Miller has generated millions of dollars for his clients, the majority of whom suffered poor service from other marketing entities.

Terry’s clients and the victories he has achieved for them have been featured on various SEO news outlets. Terry has also been featured in several webinars, online courses, and blog article interviews.

For years, Tom has served businesses with proper care treating each client as if they were his only client.


Alan Bennett

Account Manager

After working at a large California marketing agency for 6 years Alan decided to seek employment with a company that prioritizes it’s clients and fulfillment. Alan joined RPM Media and began helping grow businesses, ever since as an account manager and Google Ads specialist.  

Alan is driven and compelled by representing the working class – those who can’t adapt to the media age they’ve found themselves in. He has helped RPM Media focus on helping markets that are more “blue collar” based, like contractors, mechanics and construction.  

Alan believes that these industries are dependent on resources like Google and has worked hard since then to educate, serve and fulfill those who need guidance.