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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is something that everyone loves to talk about but very few people understand. SEO is not about backlinks, keywords, and rankings anymore. Today, SEO is delivering quality content that search engines reward with rankings, it’s showing your expertise in the field and offering the search engines your value to the community. Here at RPM we do exactly that, we help your website show its expertise in the field by optimizing the site correctly. By providing our services we help your website gain traffic and provide great knowledge to visitors that never knew about your site.

Our SEO Process


With every major project there is a lot of planning, and this is no exception. We will look over your site and point out the things you need to optimize the most, like meta tags, image optimization, and content update. All things can be done in house at RPM Media.

Competition Analysis

Since every SEO campaign is different, that means your site will have different competition along the way. That is why we use our state of the art tools to setup a strategy against the competition and out rank them in the long run.


We will start optimizing your site by optimising content, titles, tags, metas and so forth. In order for search engines to rank your site higher by having all your pages indexed properly. After that we move on to the off-page optimization.


After your campaign has started we will start sending you monthly reports on how your campaign is going as well as showing you how many more customers have started visiting your site ever since the start of your SEO campaign.

Our On-Page SEO Services


We use the most cutting edge tools and data to create individual strategies for your site and dominate Google’s rankings.


Ranking for the right keywords is very important for click through rate. That is why we try and rank your site for buyer intent keywords.


We look at the competition and reverse engineer their SEO process, and out rank them by turning their process against them.


We optimize all of the titles on your site to ensure that your site gets ranking for the right keywords.


Page speed is important when it comes to SEO, Google themselves mentioned you are  more likely to lose rankings if your pages is slow.


We have our in house writers write content for your website specifically optimized to increase your rankings and click through rate


Search engines mostly look at your meta tags and descriptions when organizing their rankings, that is why having optimized meta tags leads to higher rankings.


Google themselves mentioned that it will start decreasing websites ranking if they do not have HTTPS optimization. We also want to keep your site more secure and less likely prone to attacks.

Our On-Page SEO Services

Link Building

Quality links pointing to your site is very important, especially in the SEO world today. Other than having your on-page fully optimized it is very vital to have your SEO campaign to include link building.

Social Media

With a great website design should come great optimization, that is why whenever build a website we always have SEO implemented with every site. We make sure to get a solid base of SEO in your website to get you that head start.

Local Search

Finding your business locally can be hard especially when you don’t have your local search map optimized. Here at RPM Media we make sure that your local business in the top three google local business searches.

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