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Social Media Marketing

For the last five years social media has been an underdog in the marketing section, with audience targeting and engaging with customers like never before, social media is a business asset to your company. Having that asset be managed properly is something that a lot of companies have no experience in. Here at RPM Media, our goal is to create and post engaging content to improve your business’ visibility, followers, and brand loyalty all at the same time.

Our Campaign Process


With every major project there is a lot of planning, and this is no exception. We will talk with you and strategize what ideas will work and won’t work. We also help develop the right post or promotion we should post.


We design a completely custom Social Media strategy that we will follow for the coming months that we will be working with you. Your business has the final say in what we will be posting.


We will be testing your campaign and double checking that everything is setup the way it is supposed to before we launch your campaign. All that’s left is to periodically publish those posts.


We will send you monthly reports with all the data we have gathered throughout the month. We will also help make suggestions on what our next step should be with the strategy that we setup.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Posting On All Platforms

We post one post a day that is engaging and unique to your audience, and sometimes 2-3 pieces of content depending on holidays or special events.

Running Promotions

Promotions help drive customers to your business and make repeat customers at the same time. We build engaging promotions to  make sure your business get’s that boost of customers.

Monitoring All Platforms

We watch and monitor all of your social media accounts and engage with users that follow your business. By replying to comments, or offering guest posts that they have written.

Lets Make It Happen